Daily "ALL ATHLETE" team practices are held Monday through Saturday.

Daily Practice Time Schedules:

3:20pm to 5:45pm

(end time is approximate)

9:00am to 11:00am
(end time is approximate)


Regardless of weather conditions, school activities, political events, social circumstances, or acts of the supernatural, practice will ALWAYS be held!


2015 Special Dates & Times

Cougar Track & Field meets daily, Monday through Saturday, INCLUDING HOLIDAYS, for practice sessions during the spring season.

Friday, February 13, full team practice will be held at 9:00am.

Monday, February 16, full team practice will be held at 3:20pm.

Spring break full team pratice sessions will be held Monday through Friday, March 30-April 3, at 9:00am. All athletes are expected to attend spring break practice sessions.

Monday, May 25, varsity practice will be held at 3:20pm.

2015 Training Video Vault

Athletes are expected to view the following videos in preparation for track & field practice sessions.

SPRINT MECHANICS (ALL EVENT GROUPS) – A breakdown of speed mechanics. Some of the fastest athletes the world has ever known featured in this video!

STRETCH CIRCUIT (ALL EVENT GROUPS) – A series of static stretches athletes should perform daily after practice and at home!

RECOVERY CIRCUIT (ALL EVENT GROUPS) – A series of dynamic rope stretches and self massage techniques athletes should perform daily at home!

GSM ROUTINE (ALL EVENT GROUPS) – A series of mobility drills focused on maintaining healthy range of motion in the hips, while strengthening hipflexors, glutes, groin, hanstrings and more.

RESISTANCE BAND / FREE WEIGHT SUPPLEMENTS (ALL EVENT GROUPS) – A series of exercises focused on strengthening hipflexors, glutes, and the rest of the hip girddle with the help of resistance bands. Also included are a few new dumbbell and resistance band exercises for the upper body, as well as some free squat exercises.

LADDER DRILLS (ALL EVENT GROUPS) – A Selection of these drills, usually two or three, will be used to develop neuromuscular pathways two times per week for all event groups.

PERFORMANCE WARM UP: Phase 1 (ENDURANCE GROUP) – This is the warm up routine for that will precede medium and high intensity training and racing.

PERFORMANCE COOL DOWN: Phase 1 (ENDRURANCE GROUP) – This video demonstrates the cool down procedures following hard workouts and competitions.

FITNESS WARM UP "A" (ENDURANCE GROUP) / TEMPO WARM UP (SPEED GROUP): Phase 1 – Note that this is the "Tempo" warm up for the sprint group.

FITNESS WARM UP "B" (ENDURANCE GROUP) / FITNESS WARM UP (SPEED GROUP): Phase 1 – Note that this is the "Fitness" warm up for the sprint group.

CALENDARS: Click on the links below for detailed WINTER schedules.


Vault WINTER Training meets Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at Las Lomas HS. Contact Jackie Attiyeh for details!


Thrower WINTER Training meets every Saturday at 9:00am at the CHS Track! Contact Jeff Thomas for details!


Sprint/Hurdle/Jump JANUARY Training Schedule
– UPDATED 12/8/14

SPEED TRAINING PACE CHART Performance Equivalencies & Workout Paces for Sprint/Hurdle Events


Distance WINTER Training Schedule – UPDATED 12/8/14

MIDDLE Distance SPRING Training Schedule – UPDATED 1/18/15

LONG Distance SPRING Training Schedule – UPDATED 1/18/15

Performance Equivalencies & Workout Paces for Distance Events

TRAINING LINKS: Check out the following links for supplemental information on various aspects of track & field training and competition.

Maximal Velocity Sprint Mechanics: Detailed research article on fundamental principles of speed. Great articulation of force application.

The Science of Running: Complete topic coverage for Distance Training & Racing by Steve Magness. Former CU Middle Distance coach Jay Johnson provides a huge range of training videos, slide shows, and articles.

Running Times: One of the better general resources for distance running, including helpful articles on injury rehab, nutrition and training.

Time to Run: Another comprehensive site for distance running, including articles on nutrition, injuries, training and racing.