2022 NCS Tri-Valley Championships
Freedom High School
Oakley CA
Saturday, May 14


Girls Dominate to Win Tri-Valley Area Title

With Mari Testa (23) and Sara Tabibian (22) dominating their respective hurdle specialities and contributing legs to the winning 400 relay squad, the Cougars piled up a comfortable margin of victory in the team standings at Saturday's NCS Tri-Valley Area Championship at Oakley's Freedom High School.

While conditions were exceptionally warm and windy, the girl's team was fueled by impressive performances across multiple disciplines. Backing up the sprint and hurdle corps, Anna Stubbington (23) and Pinkie Schnayer (24) picked up points in the discus and shot put, respectively.

Additional field event contributions came from Kyrstin Wilson (22) and Namratha Kasalanati (22) in the triple jump.

As tempuratures peaked in the afternoon, distance aces Ellie Buckley (23) and Shea Volkmer (24) pulled away from a talented field to finish 1-2 and seal the team win.

Advancing to the NCS Meet of Champions for the boy's team were the 400 relay squad, Mason Fara (22) in the 400m and 200m, Garrett Nelson (23) in the 200m, Alex Lodewick (23) in the 1600m and 3200m, and Sam Whipple (23) in high jump.


400 Relay Mary Testa-Kyrstin Wilson-Meagan Kennedy-Sara Tabibian=48.57, 1600 Ellie Buckley 5:11.54, Sloan Pullen 5:26.38, 100 Hurdles Mari Testa 14.85, 400 Sara Tabibian 58.19, Meagan Kenneday 60.32, 100 Mari Testa 12.27, 300 Hurdles Sara Tabibian 45.12, Mari Testa 47.11, Charlotte Arnswald 50.57, 200 Kyrstin Wilson 25.33w, 3200 Ellie Buckley 11:15.94, Shea Volkmer 11:22.97, Angeni Lieben 11:45.44, Caroline McCool DNF, 1600 Relay Meagan Kennedy 60.6-Kyrstin Wilson 59.8-Hanna Birdsong 67.2-Sara Tabibian 60.3=4:07.83, LJ Namratha Kasalanati 14-7, TJ Kyrstin Wilson 36-1, Namratha Kasalanati 34-11.25, HJ Namratha Kasalanati 4-6, Charlotte Arnswald 4-6, PV Jeanette Lavoie 8-6, SP Pinkie Schnayer 33-11.25, Anna Stubbington 31-3.5, DT Anna Stubbington 105-11, Pinkie Schayer 85-5, Bryn Hober 69-2

Team scores


400 Relay Kyle Fossen-Mason Fara-Joshua Lee-Garrett Nelson=43.59, 1600 Alex Lodewick 4:20.61, Blake Webster 4:43.00, 110 Hurdles Quinn Ahearn 17.83, Sam Whipple 18.65, 400 Mason Fara 50.35, 100 Garrett Nelson 11.17, 300 Hurdles Quinn Ahearn 43.92, Justin Wang 46.63, Sam Whipple 48.66, 200 Mason Fara 21.93w, Garrett Nelson 22.52w, 3200 Alex Lodewick 9:37.65, Rhys Pullen 10:08.15, Connor McGhee 10:12.09, Blake Webster 10:12.56, 1600 Relay Tyler Bergren 53.7-Garrett Nelson 55.5-Mason Fara 51.7-Kyle Fossen 55.6=3:36.47, LJ Leighton Jay 40-4.5, Jacob Ahearn 37-6.25, Sam Whipple 34-11.25, HJ Sam Whipple 5-10

Team scores